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Spring 2016!

admin March 21st, 2016

Welcome to Spring!

                Spring has officially started and more of us are coming out of winter hibernation, starting to hear the lawnmowers going.  The board wanted to send out a few reminders as everyone starts to enjoy the warmer weather.  As we start to see more rain it is important to check any swales and/or drains on your property to ensure proper drainage.  The subdivision recently had to spend $6300 to repair damaged swales and debris can lead to further damage.  Also in the pick-up category is animal droppings.  As we start to venture further with our pets please be considerate of others property and the community's public spaces.  This applies not only to our subdivision but also our neighboring communities.

                With the thaw and the extended daylight hours there will also be a surge in construction projects and outdoor modifications.  If you plan on making any exterior changes beyond landscaping an Architectural Review Form needs to be submitted.  The form is easy to fill out and approvals are typically fast and painless.  If you need a copy of the form email any board member or

                Since we have started to get questions regarding the annual garage sale we are pleased to announce the dates for this year.  The Willows will be holding garage sales the weekends of June 10th & 11th along with September 9th & 10th

                Lastly we would like to thank all of our members that submitted their dues on time.  If you have not submitted your payment and have not received any additional notices please contact a member of the board ASAP.  For any questions regarding receipt of payment please contact our Treasurer at

                Any additional comments, questions, or concerns are always welcome and can be sent to



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